Matorin D. N., Antal T. K., Levenko B. A., Kazimirko Yu. V.
Moscow State University, Bioplogical Faculty, Department of Biophysics, 119899, Vorobjovy Gory, Moscow, Russia
The efficiency of the primary reactions of photosynthesis in phytoplankton were studied under different environmental conditions by chlorophyll prompt and delayed fluorescence, and termoluminescence methods. The results of measuring of prompt and delayed fluorescence are used as an indicator of phytoplankton physiological state and for biomonitoring of environmental pollution. We have developed a set of computer-controlled devices for the chlorophyll luminescence analysis. It is the submerged pump and probe fluorometer to measure underwater illuminance, temperature and phytoplankton fluorescence parameters (Fo,Fv/Fm ) in situ. Maps of phytoplankton concentration and its photosynthetic activity distribution with depth in the Black Sea, Tirrenian Sea, Baikal lake, Norway sea are presented.
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